Capital Gains Tax

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Capital Gains Taxes

You realize capital gains when you make money from the sale of certain types of property. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) taxes capital gains at rates that...Read more

Capital Gains and Losses

Almost everything you own is classified as a capital asset by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This includes your home, your car, your furniture, and your ...Read more

Income Tax Fraud Seems Like a Harml...

Income tax fraud usually involves a taxpayer taking steps to either avoid paying taxes, or to pay less than is owed in taxes. It involves lying about what was...Read more

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax

All Same-Sex Couples Can File Joint Federal Taxes

For federal tax purposes, all same-sex couples who are legally married now will be treated the same as opposite-sex married couples, even if they live in one of the 37 states that do not recognize sam ... Read more

Child Tax Credits and Separation or Divorce

No one likes paying taxes, and like practically everyone else, you probably look for ways to lower the amount you owe the IRS each year. This is where tax credits come in. They lower the amount o ... Read more

Child Tax Exemptions, Deductions and Divorce

As if getting a divorce isn't stressful and complicated enough. Once it's over, there's a whole new set of problems to deal with - your taxes. For divorced or separated parents, it's even more complic ... Read more

Congratulations, You Just Won a Jackpot! Now Pay Up!

When you play the lottery or enter into a game show, mostly you think about the end prize - the cash or gifts you'll come home with.  When you win a prize on TV (like an Oprah! giveaway) o ... Read more

2010 Budget and Retaining Federal Estate Tax

At the end of April, the House and Senate each approved a Fiscal 2010 Budget Resolution which calls for extending the federal estate tax into 2010. Under Bush-era tax legislation enacted in 2001, the ... Read more

Additional Capital Gains Tax Topics

Additional Capital Gains Tax Topics