Estate & Gift Tax

Mininize Taxes by Planning Your Est...

Estate tax laws change often, so creating an estate plan with the intent of minimizing or avoiding taxes can be a challenge. However, only individuals with va.... Read more

Plan Real Property Transfers to Red...

In an estate plan, you decide who should receive your property when you die, and also how you want them to receive it. Real property is land and any improveme.... Read more

Estate Planning to Transfer Busines...

An estate plan for your business can control the transfer of your business or its value to the next generation. Estate planning allows you to make gifts, ensu.... Read more

Estate & Gift Tax

When transferring ownership to my children to allow them to refinance in their name, should I transfer all or only half interest? Quitclaim Deed

Why is your son borrowing money secured by your home? I would recommend against tranferring your home to your son. If he waits and receives it when you pass away, he will get a stepped-up basis to th... Read more

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How do I gift my property to my son without creating a tax liability?

My answer is limited to the federal gift tax. Just having a gift does not create a tax liability. First off you must determine how much of a taxable gift you have. In 2014, you can give someone up to ... Read more

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Difference between Trustee, Settlor/grantor and beneficiary

Yes you can serve as your own trustee and with many Revocable Trusts, the Settlor/Grantor is also the sole beneficiary during their lifetime. Be certain that you work with counsel that understands al... Read more

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First Time Home Buyer

Your mortgage broker is trying to get you the lowest interest rate possible by telling the lender that you are a first time homebuyer who will be occupying the home yourself and using your own money f... Read more

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Transfer Property Prior to Death

Up until 2012, Tennessee was one of 3 remaining states which had a gift tax which imposed limits on how much an individual could give away each year. Your questions has a lot of different issues in th... Read more

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