Estate & Gift Tax

Mininize Taxes by Planning Your Est...

Estate tax laws change often, so creating an estate plan with the intent of minimizing or avoiding taxes can be a challenge. However, only individuals with va.... Read more

Plan Real Property Transfers to Red...

In an estate plan, you decide who should receive your property when you die, and also how you want them to receive it. Real property is land and any improveme.... Read more

Estate Planning to Transfer Busines...

An estate plan for your business can control the transfer of your business or its value to the next generation. Estate planning allows you to make gifts, ensu.... Read more

Estate & Gift Tax

An Overview: Trust Division and Divorce

a. Overview of Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts A trust is an agreement that is held by one person (trustee –person who manages the trust) at the request of another (settlor –a person... Read more

Marital Property and Separate Property in Divorce--The Division of Marital Property

Abstract: Property in divorce can be a hotly contested matter. Understanding the difference between marital and separate property can help you save time and money by focusing your efforts on that ... Read more

A Frequent Question I Am Asked Is "Who Is Involved In The Probate Process?"

The Florida Bar states: "Depending upon the facts of the situation, any of the following may have a role to play in the probate administration of the decedent’s estate: Clerk of the ci... Read more

What Can Be Accomplished By A Will?

I am asked all the time why a person needs a Will. The Florida Bar states: "1. You decide who gets your property instead of the law making the choice for you.2. You may name the personal rep... Read more

What You Can Accomplish Through the Use of a Trust

Trusts are legal devices that come in a wide variety of forms, each with specific uses and benefits. While a trust is certainly not a magical solution to all asset protection problems, certain types &... Read more

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