Estate & Gift Tax

Mininize Taxes by Planning Your Est...

Estate tax laws change often, so creating an estate plan with the intent of minimizing or avoiding taxes can be a challenge. However, only individuals with va...Read more

Plan Real Property Transfers to Red...

In an estate plan, you decide who should receive your property when you die, and also how you want them to receive it. Real property is land and any improveme...Read more

Estate Planning to Transfer Busines...

An estate plan for your business can control the transfer of your business or its value to the next generation. Estate planning allows you to make gifts, ensu...Read more

Estate & Gift Tax

Estate & Gift Tax

Estate Planning FAQs

Why should you have a Will? Why should you have an attorney prepare your Will? What property is covered in you Will? Read on for answers to our frequently asked questions: Q. What is communit... Read more

Can grandmother give money away after she is in a nursing home?

Q: How much can an independent senior (84 years old) gift money without getting penalized if admitted to a nursing home shortly after? How much money can be gifted to children each without penalizat... Read more

Holiday Gifting

The holiday season is fast approaching and for many people, this is a time of exchanging gifts with family or charitable giving. Those who choose to make large gifts to individuals during this time sh... Read more

Gift tax: Make use of room for manoeuvre

The state looks to profit even from gifts, levying gift tax as soon as the tax allowance is exceeded. There are, however, different possible arrangements in connection with gift tax. GRP Rainer Lawye... Read more

Tax law: Key to a closed book

For many people, tax law is a closed book. Expert help is frequently necessary in order to pay taxes correctly and at the same time avoid giving away too much money. GRP Rainer Lawyers and Tax Adviso... Read more

Additional Estate & Gift Tax Topics

Additional Estate & Gift Tax Topics