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Governments impose property taxes on homeowners to finance county and municipal costs. Property taxes pay for police and fire personnel. They help fun ... read more
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Property Tax FAQ
Property tax is a main source of income for local governments and school districts. Property tax assessment is both the process for determining your property's value for tax purposes, and the amount of tax you owe. Find out the answers to common questions about property tax and understand your bill. ... Read more

Advance Rental Income, Security Deposits and Taxes
As a landlord, you're concerned about losing money on your rental property. After all, it's how you make money, right? Advance rent payments and security deposits help you here. They help make sure you get paid what the tenant agreed to pay and protect you against damages to the property. You need to ... Read more

How to Challenge Your Property Tax Assessment
Often, people believe that the property tax bill they receive from their local government is set in stone. The property tax bill is tied to a report prepared by the local tax assessor, based on the assessor's estimation of the market value of your property. Property assessing is an inexact science, so ... Read more

Property Taxes Support Many Services in Your Area
Property taxes are an important source of revenue for local governments in every state. This includes general-purpose government entities, such as cities and counties, as well as special-purpose governments, typically known as special assessment districts or school districts. State law establishes the ... Read more

When You Can't Pay Your Property Taxes
Governments impose property taxes on homeowners to finance county and municipal costs. Property taxes pay for police and fire personnel. They help fund public schools and utility services. Your municipal or county government has a big stake in collecting homeowners' taxes so it can meet its budget. If ... Read more

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