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Most states impose a sales tax on all in-state sales of goods and services. Although these taxes are levied on the buyer, not the seller, in many case ... read more
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Estate and Gift Tax Counseling
Federal estate and gift taxes affect transfers of property at different stages in the owner's life. The gift tax applies to lifetime transfers, while estate tax is imposed on transfers at death. The gift tax return is due on April 15th following the year in which the gift is made. Generally, the estate ... Read more

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Real Estate Sales in Pennsylvania: Implied Covenants of Sellers

Real estate transactions are regulated under federal, state, and local law. One of the more interesting issues involves the handling of land contracts. While contracts provide different promises betwe ... Read more

OLG Hamm prohibits sale of anti-competitive counterfeit handbags

In its judgment of June 16, 2015, the OLG Hamm (Higher Regional Court of Hamm) ruled in favour of the French manufacturer of the original handbags in a case concerning trademark law (Az.: 4 U 32/14) ... Read more

In Medicaid Planning, Some Trusts Can Put Elderly Persons in a Worse Position Than If They Had Taken No Action At All

In trust law, there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all.” Trusts must be designed to meet the particular concerns of the person whose assets will be placed there. Two of the major non ... Read more

Right to remedial work continues following invalid rescission of purchase agreement

Even after an invalid attempt to rescind a purchase agreement, the buyer is still able to demand that remedial work be performed on the item purchased. That was the decision of the OLG Naumburg (Highe ... Read more

FIRPTA and Foreign clients- What Real Estate Agents Need to Know

At Hutchens Law Firm, we have quite a few real estate agents that represent foreign investors in the acquisition and sale of real property in North Carolina. What many agents and foreign clients do no ... Read more

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