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If you haven't been there yet, and without jinxing your luck, the odds are good you're going to need legal advice some day. Maybe you're thinking abou ... read more
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The IRS Looks for Certain Things When Deciding to Audit You
Audits are the way the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) double-checks your income tax return. If the IRS has reason to believe you didn't report all your income, or that you claimed credits or deductions for which you don't qualify, you can be audited. Although the audit process has a reputation for ... Read more

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What's in a Name: New Independent Contractor Guidance from United States Department of Labor Necessitates Close Look at Such Arrangements

By Jennifer A. Powell, Shareholder Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Mehl, P.C. Independent contractor, contract worker, consultant, employee. These are all terms that may be used to d ... Read more

Bundesfinanzhof: Time-series comparison only permissible as method of estimation under certain conditions

The tax authorities are increasingly applying time-series comparisons as a method of estimation in the context of external audits, but according to the Bundesfinanzhof (German Federal Fiscal Court) ... Read more

Tax dispute: Ways of putting up a fight against the tax authorities

Legal action can be taken even against the assessment notice of a tax office. Those who get involved in a tax dispute normally require plenty of stamina and competent legal representation.GRP Rainer L ... Read more

Criminal tax law: High penalties for tax evasion

German tax law is complex and constantly changing. It is therefore easy to unwittingly render oneself guilty of tax evasion. The consequences can be drastic penalties. GRP Rainer Lawyers and Tax Advi ... Read more


The city of Clay was required by mediation to pay Marlin Joe Gililand $50,000 in awrongful termination case in addition to monies covered by insurance. According to city officials, the mediator side ... Read more

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