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I have a two person corporation. NJ says we missed a WR-30 payment from 1998. A judgement was made in 2003. We never received any info. Help

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First thought the notice was fake but verified that it was from the Dept of Labor. This was for a (supposedly) missed WR-30 payment from 2nd quarter 1998. My tax returns only go back to 2000...different accountant, different bank. There was a judgement in 2003 or 2004 and a charge of $75 for court costs and the state claims we were sent a certified letter. It was never returned so they assume we received it. I never did nor have I had any notification of this until now. The amount missed was $877.76. To date the total with the interest is "With regard to your recent inquiry for a payoff figure on this judgment, please note that a remittance in the amount of $3,880.36 will be sufficient to liquidate the covered liability, subject to a final audit by our cashier’s office. This figure includes court costs and sheriff fees due in order to satisfy the judgment." Suggestions? Help?
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Answered on Oct 12th, 2017 at 8:45 AM

To save on legal fees, pursue your remedy with the State and go as far as you can so that you have the complete tax records and their 'story'. If you cannot resolve, you can call us and we can help you. We have a tax attorney who is a CPA. Ed Dimon, Esq. 732-797-1600

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